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Student Research Paper


Spring 2021

Academic Department


Faculty Advisor(s)

Dr. Cristina Ciocirlan & Dr. Hossein Varamini


The coronavirus pandemic impacted everyone worldwide, and it has disrupted traditional employment processes for college students. This study seeks to identify patterns in college student's job-search behavior and relevant personality and emotional traits that may influence their job search outcomes during the pandemic. The study expands on current academic theories on personality traits and proactive behaviors in the preparatory and active job search processes. Through surveys of Elizabethtown College students, I hope to understand the impact COVID-19 had on students' job-search experiences and the role that psychographic attributes such as emotional intelligence and pandemic anxiety levels played in their job search success. Results showed support for networking, pandemic anxiety, and social support as influential factors in a student's job search outcome. Likewise, it offered support for emotional intelligence and social support as mitigating factors in lowering a student's level of pandemic anxiety.


Honors in the Discipline; Scholarship and Creative Arts Day (SCAD)

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Business Commons