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Student Research Paper


Spring 2021

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Dr. Sanjay Paul


Subjective well-being (SWB), the self-reported evaluation that people’s lives are enjoyable and proceeding well (Diener et al., 2015), has been gaining attention in the study of macroeconomics as a useful indicator to assess quality of life within a country. In the literature, socioeconomic factors ranging from income level to perceived corruption to inflation have been found to have a relationship with national SWB. This study analyzes the research that has been done on macroeconomic indicators that have been linked to national SWB and provides context to evolution of interest toward national SWB in economics. This study also attempts to identify statistically significant variables of SWB by conducting a multiple regression analysis for a sample of 90 countries for the year 2017.


Honors Senior Thesis; Honors in the Discipline

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