Nest IV


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COVID-19 Elizabethtown Individual Submissions

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Fine and Performing Arts

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Nest IV is a recent work that is part of the series, Nests, which was created during the stay-at-home COVID-19 Pandemic. Nature is busy constructing nests, safe places, that hide and conceal the family unit. Nests are a safe haven against the elements and predators. Like homes humans occupy, nests identify the inhabitants and maker of the environment.

COVID-19 has placed us in a situation where we are asked to stay home, slowing our lives down, which accounts for more time to observe and experience our direct environments. Time based works identify directly with time and space. We are confined to specific spaces for a time – it alters our sense of identity and being. The newly hatched birds in their nest have no sense of history or a pandemic. Their construct has a sense of moment to moment, moving forward in time and space.