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Student Research Paper


Spring 2018

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The purpose of this research was to determine the effects of cyberbullying on elementary aged children in both general and special education settings. Cyberbullying is an intentionally harmful act through the use of the internet or an electronic device. There is a significant amount of research done on bullying and cyberbullying at the middle school and high school levels, but the research at the elementary level is very limited. There is also a large amount of research already done on students in general education, but there is a gap in special education. Because of these gaps in the research, it was essential that this study focused students at the elementary level in general and special education. For this study, the researcher anonymously surveyed teachers and parents at an elementary school in Central Pennsylvania to gain a small sample of information on cyberbullying. This information was then gathered and analyzed to determine the amount of knowledge teachers and parents have on cyberbullying. This research was also used to consider effective prevention and intervention techniques for parents and schools to implement.


Master's thesis (M.Ed.)--Special Education.