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Student Research Paper


Spring 2019

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Dr. Soltys


What are the most effective teaching strategies and assistive technology to support at risk students who have mathematical learning disabilities? This was the question my thesis revolved around. The problems relating to this question are the lack in definitions for at risk as well as mathematical learning disabilities and that there is no research of the overlap of these two populations. To find this overlap, I researched the best strategies for at risk students and the best for students with mathematical disabilities, and I compiled the strategies that overlapped. I thought that since they are effective for both populations, these strategies would be the best for the overlap in populations. My project design is to create a website titled Teaching the ‘Unteachable:’ Tips and Tricks to Best Support and Teach At Risk Students with a Mathematical Learning Disability. My website will educate teachers in each of these populations and the most effective strategies and assistive technology for them.



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