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Student Research Paper


Spring 2019

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Drs. Carol Tyminski and Shannon Haley-Mize


The number of students with special needs participating in general education classrooms has increased dramatically in the past two decades. Despite this growth, colleges and universities across the United States still neglect to teach general education teacher candidates about inclusive practices for their respective content areas. Inclusive practices in education refer to those which seek to include students with special needs – mild or profound – in the general education classroom, curriculum, and experience. Inclusive practices are required by federal law. As a result, a master’s research project was developed wherein general education teachers at a south-central Pennsylvania middle school were surveyed. Findings include information regarding general education teachers’ attitudes about students with special needs, their perceived level of preparedness for teaching students with special needs, and their overall recommendations for teacher preparation programs to better prepare future general education teachers for inclusion.


Requirement for the degree of Master of Education in Special Education

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