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Student Research Paper


Spring 2019

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Dr. Shannon Haley-Mize


This paper analyzes the importance of social emotional curriculums in a general education and special education setting. The research includes descriptions of various social-emotional learning curriculums specifically designed for general education students, and descriptions of curriculums designed for students with ASD. The research compares the scope and sequence of the skills integrated in the curriculums. When investigating the various curriculums, the skills did not correlate with the necessary skills needed to help students with ASD transition from grade to grade and into postsecondary education or career. In order to address this gap in available resources for students with ASD, the project also includes the design of The SEL Building Blocks to Transition Students with ASD which integrates the components of ASD as identified by the DSM-V. The curriculum includes fifteen lessons focusing on skills emphasizing communication, interactions, behaviors, and emotions. The curriculum features a read aloud story book component with every lesson and includes evidence-based strategies for teaching SEL and students with ASD. The skills taught in the self-created lesson help students develop skills to benefit them when transition to postsecondary education or career.


ED 400 Senior Project in Education

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