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Student Research Paper


Fall 2022

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Dr. Peter Licona


This paper will focus on a study about culturally responsive teaching and English Language Learners. Specifically, this paper will evaluate pre-service and early service teachers and their ability to provide culturally responsive teaching to their English Language-Learning students. There will be three different subtopics, which will pertain to comfort levels with culturally responsive teaching, creating a culturally responsive classroom environment, and reflecting on pre-service training. This topic is extremely important because much of the research on culturally responsive teaching indicates a disconnect between teachers and their English Language Learners, however, it is vital that students feel comfortable and at ease in their learning environment. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, students will be unable to learn or retain information if they do not first feel safe and secure.

This study will be conducted by means of a quantitative survey that evaluates both preservice educators and current teachers that have been in the classroom for less than five years. While the study will be geographically limited to the area of Central Pennsylvania and the surrounding school districts of Elizabethtown College, the implications of this research will apply to students across the country. Ideally, the information that is obtained from this study will help pre-service and early service teachers to improve the education of English Language Leaners by implementing culturally responsive teaching methods, demonstrate to higher education institutions that pre-service educators must be trained in culturally responsive teaching, and encourage school districts to use professional development to train their staff.


Honors Senior Thesis; ED400: Senior Project in Education

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