Document Type

Student Research Paper


Spring 2019

Academic Department

Engineering and Physics

Faculty Advisor(s)

Brenda Read-Daily


Intended as an offshoot of the engineering project, “The Growing Bike,” this honors engineering design project tackles the conceptual and technical design of a bicycle wheel which adjusts in size according to user preference. The wheel functions via controlled tightening and loosening of a stressed coil which serves as the basis for the rim. This coil is held together by six bendable mounts which are spaced evenly along the circumference. These mounts are shaped in a way to accommodate a standard size bike tire. The rim sections are held in place at mounting points by six interior spokes pinned at symmetrical, equidistant points hexagonally oriented 3 inches from the wheel’s center. The wheel is adjusted by the user manipulating a ratchet mechanism which alters the spokes’ orientation and enlarges or shrinks the diameter. The wheel rim is designed to expand from a 14” to a 22” diameter. This project is purely theoretical at this stage due to fabrication complexity and specificity of the materials required to prototype.


Senior thesis.

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Engineering Commons