Document Type

Creative Writing


Spring 2021

Academic Department


Faculty Advisor(s)

Ms. Erica Dolson


“Anxiety: Environmental and Otherwise” is a collection of works from different genres and of different lengths. The pieces vary in tone from professional to confessional. Nonfiction sits next to fiction and experimental forms. The common thread that binds the pieces together is one of personal values. The heart of the collection is the importance of discovering one’s self and then making the choice to nurture that identity. With all of life’s strangeness and the impossible abundance of experiences, it can be difficult to truly see one’s self. It’s even more difficult to see why any of us are the way that we are. The pieces in this collection examine impacts: how anxiety disorder can affect a person, what people have done to this planet, and what the planet can do to its people. This collection is one girl’s attempt at introspection, all with the hope that something positive will come of it. “Anxiety: Environmental and Otherwise” grasps for understanding and begs for progress. It’s a plea, a lament, and a celebration.


Honors Senior Thesis; EN 491 Directed Senior Research; Scholarship and Creative Arts Day (SCAD)