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Student Research Paper


Spring 2019

Academic Department


Faculty Advisor(s)

Dr. Tara Moore


A modern world is a digital one. People now search as much as they socialize on the Internet, and every day millions of people are asking Google questions. Subsequently, Google promptly provides myriads of answers. My year-long Honors in the Discipline research project analyzes a staple of the digital era: the Google search engine. My research combines my Data Analytics and Mathematics minors with my English-Professional Writing major to bridge the gaps between my humanities and mathematical interests. From its origin to its current state and all the cookies in between, I uncover the Google Search Engine and the power it has over the current technological climate. One seemingly simple algorithm has significantly changed the way the world retrieves and perceives information. SEO. Google Analytics. Keywords. Content. Social Media. Blogs. This modern terminology makes up most of the job descriptions professional writing students will encounter in their searches for post-graduation employment. Therefore, my project serves as an independent exploration into an emerging professional field. My research describes the Google Analytics certification process, Google’s PageRank algorithm, and hands-on exploration of the two through a fall internship experience. Thus, this research project serves as my exploration into this shifting industry. Through a combination of my linguistic and mathematical interests with my professional goals, I hope to creatively contribute to both the humanities and the sciences, while inspiring other students and professionals to do so as well.


EN 498 Honors in the Discipline in English, SCAD