Work–life balance in media newsrooms

Irene Snyder, Elizabethtown College
Kirsten Johnson, Elizabethtown College
Michele Lee Kozimor-King, Elizabethtown College


This research examined work–life balance in media newsrooms. A total of 50 in-depth face-to-face interviews were conducted with individuals currently employed in US newsrooms of varying market sizes including small and medium market television stations, such as KCAU (Sioux City, IA), WHTM (Harrisburg, PA), WGAL (Lancaster County, PA), NBC12 (Richmond, VA), NY1 (News York, NY), and WNBC (New York, NY); regional newspapers, such as Lancaster Newspapers and the York Daily Record; and national news organizations, such as The New York Times, CNN, ABC, and FOX. Results indicate that males had more difficulty separating work and life than females. However, females reported more positive work-to-family spillover than males. Those working in both print and television newsrooms stated that digital technology further impeded their ability to adequately balance work and family life.