Vocational exploration as transformative pedagogy: Retrieving the affective, educating for difference

Tracy Wenger Sadd, Elizabethtown College


This chapter argues that the shape and style of classroom teaching make a tremendous difference in the work of bringing vocational reflection into a multi-faith environment. The author draws on insights from a variety of fields, including psychology, philosophy, and educational theory, to provide specific guidance about the geography and atmosphere of the classroom and about the kinds of learning that need to take place there. Greater attention to the affective domain, coupled with the creation of classroom spaces that students see as respectful of their particularities and differences, can create a positive space for vocational reflection and discernment across a variety of lifestances. The second half of the chapter offers a number of specific pedagogical exercises to accomplish this work, along with a discussion of how student engagement in this project might be appropriately evaluated. A rubric for such evaluation is also included.