PANENTHEISM, NEUTRAL MONISM, AND ADVAITA VEDANTA: with Harald Atmanspacher and Hartmut von Sass, “The Many Faces of Panentheism: An Editorial Introduction”; Philip Clayton, “How Radically Can God Be Reconceived before Ceasing to Be God? The Four Faces of Panentheism”; Willem B. Drees, “Panentheism and Natural Science: A Good Match?”; Jan-Olav Henriksen, “The Experience of God and the World: Christianity's Reasons for Considering Panentheism a Viable Option”; Roderick Main, “Panentheism and the Undoing of Disenchantment”; and Michael Silberstein, “Panentheism, Neutral Monism, and Advaita Vedanta.”

Michael Silberstein, Elizabethtown College


It is argued that when it comes to the hard problem of consciousness neutral monism beats out the competition. It is further argued that neutral monism provides a unique route to a novel type of panentheism via Advaita Vedanta Hinduism.