Edmund Husserl's reception in Marvin Farber's philosophy and phenomenological research

Ricci R. Gabriel, Elizabethtown College


This article provides insight into the early history of the journal Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (PPR), which was founded by Marvin Farber in conjunction with the International Society of Phenomenology, particularly as it concerns the editorial struggles to remain faithful to the work of Edmund Husserl. The PPR was intended as a continuation of the Jahrbuch für Philosophie und phänomenologische Forschung, which was the first philosophical platform for phenomenology. Many of Husserl's students who first published in the Jahrbuch formed the original editorial staff of Farber's journal and were dedicated to maintaining the spirit of phenomenology's founder in the journal. This commitment would be mitigated by the pragmatic temperament of American philosophy that Marvin Farber found in William James.