Deflating quantum mysteries via the relational blockworld

W. M. Stuckey, Elizabethtown College
Michael Silberstein, Elizabethtown College
Michael Cifone, Elizabethtown College


We present a space-time setting for nonrelativistic quantum mechanics that deflates "quantum mysteries" and relates nonrelativistic quantum mechanics to special relativity. This is achieved by assuming space-time symmetries are fundamental in a blockworld setting, i.e., by interpreting space-time relations as fundamental to relata. To justify this relational blockworld (RBW) we adopt a result due to G. Kaiser whereby the relativity of simultaneity, stemming from the Poincaré algebra of special relativity, is responsible for the canonical commutation relations of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics. Also, we incorporate a result due to A. Bohr, B. Mottelson, and O. Ulfbeck whereby the density matrix for a given experimental situation is obtained from its space-time symmetry group. We provide an example to illustrate the explanatory nature of RBW and conclude by explaining how RBW deflates "quantum mysteries".