An Initial Investigation of Employee Stress Related to Caring for Elderly and Dependent Relatives at Home

Mark C. Gillen, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
ed Chung, Elizabethtown College


It is recognised that a sustainable competitive advantage is a necessary condition for a firm to survive and prosper. Specifically, companies need to embark on real, substantive business initiatives that will accrue to the company an asymmetrical, firm-specific resource that will not be perfectly imitable by competitors, to borrow from Barney's (1986) parlance. Barney's notion of imperfect imitability is see as crucial in ascertaining the long run efficacy of any potential source of competitive advantage. A sustainable competitive advantage is one which is of value, is rare, has few if any substitutes, and in particular is not easily copied (Barney, 1986). The acquisition of such a sustainable competitive advantage is seen as the whole point of planning and executive business level strategies. © 2005, Emerald Group Publishing Limited