A conceptual and methodological checklist for conducting a taxometric investigation

John Ruscio, Elizabethtown College
Ayelet Meron Ruscio, Pennsylvania State University


The taxometric method is an increasingly popular statistical approach that tests whether the structure of a latent construct is categorical or continuous. This article presents the key conceptual and methodological issues that should be addressed in an informative taxometric investigation. We aim to help potential users of taxometrics determine: (a) when a taxometric analysis is scientifically justified, (b) whether their data are suitable for taxometric analysis, (c) whether they have properly implemented a sufficient variety of taxometric procedures, (d) whether they have appropriately presented and interpreted the obtained results, and (e) whether they have adequately articulated the implications of their structural solution. Annotated program code and empirical examples are provided to illustrate how taxometric analysis is applied in practice.