Male caregivers: Preparing men for nurturing roles

Peggy L. Mcfarland, Elizabethtown College
Sara Sanders, Alzheimer's Association


This article reports the results of a series of focus groups conducted about males who provide care to females with Alzheimer's disease (AD). Male caregiver's coping skills, unique needs, role development, task provision, utilization of services, and potential service gaps were explored. These men were found to focus on the provision of concrete caregiving tasks and to minimize their emotional reactions to caregiving. Obtaining education about AD also proved to be important because it gave them a sense of control over their situation and thus improved their coping abilities. Through these findings, new strategies for practitioners working with male caregivers are suggested including; development of support networks and wellness programs, increased utilization of services, and the design of a male specific support group. © 1999, Sage Publications. All rights reserved.