The family perceptions of delinquents, high school students, and freshman college students

S. A. Anolik, Elizabethtown College


The family perceptions of 46 delinquents, 52 high school students, and 46 freshman college students were measured through the use of a shortened version of the Family Concept Test. Each subject's perceptions of his or her level of rebelliousness toward parents, parental marital relations, and parental discipline were also measured. Results showed that the delinquents had more negative family perceptions as compared to the high school and college students. However, subjects in all three groups who perceived themselves as rebellious had similar negative family perceptions. Delinquents and college students, but not high school students, had similar negative family perceptions when they viewed their parents' marriages as unhappy. These data show that delinquents and nondelinquents tend to have similar negative family perceptions when they perceive themselves as rebellious and their parents as unhappy.