Dealing with major life events and transitions: A systematic literature review on and occupational analysis of spirituality

Christine M. Maley, South Bay Early Intervention
Nicole K. Pagana, Susquehanna Health
Christa A. Velenger, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
Tamera Keiter Humbert, Elizabethtown College


This systematic literature review analyzed the construct of spirituality as perceived by people who have experienced or are experiencing a major life event or transition. The researchers investigated studies that used narrative analysis or a phenomenological methodology related to the topic. Thematic analysis resulted in three major themes: (1) avenues to and through spirituality, (2) the experience of spirituality, and (3) the meaning of spirituality. The results provide insights into the intersection of spirituality, meaning, and occupational engagement as understood by people experiencing a major life event or transition and suggest further research that addresses spirituality in occupational therapy and interdisciplinary intervention.