Portable System for Home Use Enables Closed-Loop, Continuous Control of Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Bionic Arm

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Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS

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Commercial prosthetic hands are frequently abandoned due to unintuitive control methods and a lack of sensory feedback from the prosthesis. Advanced neuromyoelectric prostheses can restore intuitive control and sensory feedback to prosthesis users and potentially reduce abandonment. However, not all advanced prosthetic systems are deployable for home use on portable systems with limited computational power. In this work, we use a commercially available portable neural interface processor (the Ripple Neuro Nomad), and a multi-degree-of-freedom bionic arm (the DEKA LUKE Arm) to create a closed-loop neuromyoelectric prosthesis. The system restores intuitive, independent, continuous control over the arm's six-degrees-of-freedom and provides sensory feedback for up to 288 neural and six vibrotactile channels. Additionally, the large storage capacity of the system enables high-resolution logging of EMG, hand positions, prosthesis sensors, and stimulation parameters. We developed two GUIs enabling wireless, real-time adjustments to motor control and feedback parameters: one with nearly full control over motor control and feedback parameters for investigators, and one with restricted capabilities enabling end-user safety. We verified the system's closed-loop function through a fragile egg task with vibrotactile sensory feedback. We tested the neural stimulation with an amplifier capable of eliciting transcutaneous percepts. This neuromyoelectric prosthetic system will be used for an extended take-home trial that could provide strong clinical justification for advanced, closed-loop prostheses.Clinical Relevance - This work establishes an advanced, intuitive, sensorized prosthesis that can be used in home and clinical settings.

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