Episode 9: Using Archival Materials in Pre-service Teacher Education: A Conversation with Rachel Grove Rohrbaugh and Brian Booker

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The JayPod: A High Library Production

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In this archives-focused episode, host Josh Cohen got the opportunity to talk with High Library archivist, Rachel Grove Rohrbaugh, and Education faculty member, Brian Booker, about their collaboration for Education students in Brian's Social Studies Methods course. Rachel and Brian worked together to create an assignment requiring the students to use archival resources to create a short K-12 social studies lesson.

In the January/February issue of the publication Archival Outlook, Rachel published an article about this project, titled, “Make an Impact with Archival Outreach to Preservice Teachers: Instructing Students to Teach with Primary Sources.”

We discuss that collaboration and its goals and how K-12 social studies teachers can benefit from incorporating primary source materials into their instruction. Plus, we highlight the High Library's Hess Archives collections which feature materials related to the Church of the Brethren, the Elizabethtown College archives, and collections related to Anabaptist and Pietist groups.

For archivists and others interested in Rachel's work with Brian's class, here is a link to the href="https://libraryguides.etown.edu/socialstudies>library guide that Rachel created and which we reference in the episode.