Episode 2: The Etown College Student Who Helped Solve a 57-Year-Old Murder Case

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The JayPod: A High Library Production

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Earlier this year, Elizabethtown College student, Eric Schubert ('23) used his genealogy research skills to help solve the 57-year-old murder case of Marise Ann Chivarella, a 9-year-old girl who was abducted and murdered on her way to school in March 1964.

Schubert's work on the case received attention from a wide variety of media outlets including People magazine, Good Morning America, CNN, Newsweek, CBC News, and The Daily Mail. Schubert's interest in genealogy research has led him to work on numerous cold cases.

In our conversation, Eric and I discuss his work on the Chivarella case, how he developed an interest in genealogy research, and how he first got involved in helping to solve cold cases.