Document Type

Student Research Paper


Spring 2019

Academic Department

Occupational Therapy

Faculty Advisor(s)

Gina Fox


Despite the knowledge that sexuality is an important factor of well-being for individuals with disabilities, occupational therapists (OTs) continue to under-address this topic with clients (McGrath & Sakellariou, 2016). Additional education on sexuality may help OTs improve their knowledge and confidence in discussing and addressing sexuality with clients during intervention. The purpose of this study is to determine the educational needs of occupational therapists working in acute care who are alumnus of Elizabethtown College to promote the discussion of sexuality in practice. The research questions of the project are: 1) Do OTs in acute care educate clients on sexuality? 2) What methods do they typically use to provide this education? 3) What are the educational needs and preferences of acute care therapists? Participants completed an anonymous online survey with questions related to their knowledge levels regarding sexuality, current comfort level addressing and educating needs and preferences related to sexuality. Survey questions were developed using principles of Adult Learning Theory, which states adult learners are self-directed, experienced, and motivated to learn (Rothwell, 2008). Survey responses were analyzed and reviewed for common trends, which included a perceived lack of education, difficulty initiating discussion, an openness to learn more information, and a perceived lack of time in the acute care setting. This information was utilized to create an educational resource for therapists to be distributed by the researcher.


OT492 Undergraduate Scholarship Practicum, Honors in the Discipline