Document Type

Student Research Paper


Spring 2021

Academic Department

Occupational Therapy

Faculty Advisor(s)

Dr. Tamera Humbert and Dr. Deborah Waltermire


Occupational therapists working in mental health settings face a multitude of challenges to practice, including role blurring, generic roles, lack of support, and a lack of community, yet continue to pursue these positions. The current literature primarily highlights these barriers and discusses the under utilization of occupational therapists in mental health. Despite these challenges, occupational therapists are still holding prominent roles in this area and the question remains of why these therapists are continuing to pursue these roles and how they are creating meaning in their work. For this research, interviews were conducted with occupational therapists currently working or who have worked in mental health within the last five years in order to gain a better understanding of the occupational therapists’ perspective of their role in mental health.


Honors Senior Thesis; Honors in the Discipline; OT 494 Undergraduate Scholarship Practicum II; Scholarship and Creative Arts Day (SCAD)