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Various forms of meditation have been integrated into treatment options because of the derived benefits. Transcendental Meditation (TM) has been shown to decrease heartrate, blood pressure, and stress symptoms (Seaward, 2018). Additionally, Mindfulness Meditation (MM) has been shown to decrease anxiety and has been used in different treatments for chronic disorders (Buchholz, 2015). To my knowledge, no previous research has looked at the beneficial effects of meditation as a treatment option for POTS. POTS is a dysautonomic disorder characterized by an increase in HR by greater than 30 bpm and an intolerance of orthostatic fluctuations. Since this significantly affects physiological and psychological aspects of functioning and current treatment options are inconsistently effective, this is an important area to investigate. I hypothesized that while both forms will be beneficial, TM will be more beneficial than MM. Additionally, I hypothesized that participants with POTS would have greater overall benefits than healthy control participants.


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