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Spring 2016

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The current study examined the relationship between depressive symptoms and confabulatory introspection in emerging adults. Based on previous research showing that young adults with symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression confabulate mental states (Aardema et al., 2014), it was hypothesized that emerging adults with depressive symptoms would engage in confabulatory introspection. It was also hypothesized that emerging adults with high levels of self-reflection and low levels of insight, respectively, would confabulate mental states. Participants were asked to complete measures of depression, self-reflection and insight, and confabulatory introspection. The results supported the main hypothesis but did not support the other hypotheses. The findings of this study have important real-world applications. Cognitive interventions might need to take into account the introspective limitations of emerging adults with symptoms of depression in order to treat them more effectively.


Senior Thesis.

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