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Summer 2020

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A continuing project based on research in the summer of 2019, this SCARP project focused on two areas. The first was on updating the website created in the summer of 2019, including adding artwork, updating information, and including more resources for students. Due to college safety policies related to COVID-19, on-campus cataloging, digitizing, and uploading of new artwork was not feasible. However, that did not hinder editing the website in other ways. The website now includes more information on body systems, additional resources for college students, and other professional aesthetic updates.

The second focus of the SCARP project was on the assessment of student learning and enjoyment based on the creative extra credit assignment offered in Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II (A&P). With IRB approval, researchers sent out a survey to the past six years (2014-2020) of A&P students. The survey was divided into two sections: the latter focusing on the extra credit project itself. The survey is comprised of multiple choice, leichert scale, and short answer questions, addressing different facets of the extra credit project and student experience. After gathering and consolidating the responses, researchers began analyzing data both in quantitative and qualitative formats. The results proved favorable to researchers’ hypothesis, showing that an interdisciplinary extra credit assignment improves student comprehension, boosts enjoyment, and enables mastery of A&P information and concepts.


SCARP, Anatomy and Physiology I and II (BIO 201 and 202)

Faculty advisor: Dr. Anya Goldina

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Anatomy Commons