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Student Research Paper


Summer 2022

Academic Department


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Dr. Kelly Poniatowski


Blue Jay Journey's Media Posts Research Paper

Six Instagram accounts and one accompanying Facebook account were examined to observe how other colleges promote podcasts and keynote speakers to their campus and alumni. The colleges observed include Drew University, Juniata College, Millersville University, Boston University, and Moravian University. First observed was Drew University’s “@drew_alumni” page, and “@drewuniversity” was also observed to see how a keynote speaker was presented on the main page. The pages looked at from Moravian University include “@moravianalumni” on Instagram and the accompanying Facebook page “Moravian Alumni. Juniata’s Instagram account “@juniata_college” was also examined. The last page’s viewed were “@bualumni” and “@artdepartmentmu.” These were selected for multiple reasons, few fell into the landmark Conference, others are nearby, or they have a stellar example of how to promote these events. The information gathered will allow for Elizabethtown College, and more specifically the School of Arts and Humanities to follow similar practices to ensure they reach the largest audience possible.


Scholarship, Creative Arts, and Research Project (SCARP)

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