Document Type



Summer 2022

Academic Department

Fine and Performing Arts

Faculty Advisor(s)

Professor Milt Friedly


Laser cutting and engraving uses are broad and have many application purposes in both Visual Arts and Engineering. Gaining an understanding of the hardware and software necessary for students to successfully use the Universal Laser Systems M‑300 laser cutter in the Engineering Fabrication Lab will open possibilities for both art and engineering projects at our school. After testing a series of materials including birch wood blocks, ceramics, and acrylics to find the correct settings for laser cutting, CorelDRAW software was used to design custom drawings to be laser cut or etched. The printmaking blocks were laser cut for prints to be fabricated on the etching and type high block presses. Student Emily Ward engraved Elizabethtown College logos on ceramic tile, created acrylic sea animals for the creation of a mobile, and made original prints. This work will provide future students with examples that they can apply to their studies and possibly commercial ventures.


Scholarship, Creative Arts, and Research Project (SCARP)



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