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Summer 2021

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Dr. Steven Nolt


This study asked how the Amish, a religious group that focus on living a simple life with limited technology, used their understanding of faith and religious coping in dealing with the restrictive and unprecedented situation during the COVID 19 pandemic. We gathered data from letters written by Amish people and published in Die Botschaft, an Amish newspaper published in Millersburg, PA, but with a national readership. A total of 8,281 letters were coded from ten issues of the paper selected from spring and fall 2021. To code the information, we read letters in the Die Botschaft and then place them into categories based on themes related to COVID-19 as reported in the letters. These categories were behaviors, reactions, concerns, illness, and sources of information about the virus. Each category had several subcategories that specified certain behaviors, reactions, concerns, illness, and sources of information. After reading and coding the letters, the data was transferred to SPSS (a statistics software package) to analysis the data via tables. This project is ongoing and continuing into Fall 2021. Preliminary findings appear on the poster.


Scholarship, Creative Arts, and Research Project (SCARP)

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Public Health Commons



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