Document Type

Student Research Paper


Summer 2021

Faculty Advisor(s)

Professor Jean-Paul Benowitz


Since the spring semester 2019 and every semester since, including two SCARP projects 2019 and 2020 (and now a third 2021); I have been working with Marietta Borough on their asset-based planning process to bring economic development to the local community. I have been collaborating with the grass roots local community action task force called “Our Marietta.” I am launching a “This Place Matters” national campaign for Marietta, created by the National Historic Preservation Trust, to promote the objectives of the “Our Marietta” task force. In my work I have employed the active learning pedagogy from the (NCHC) National Collegiate Honors Council’s City as Text.™ My scholarship has contributed to “Our Marietta’s” asset-based planning process in identifying and mobilizing existing as well as unrecognized resources such as physical, human, social, financial, environmental, political, cultural, and historical assets. This is rooted in the Community Based Learning Component (CBL) of Professor Benowitz’s course Honors/Public Heritage Studies 201: Elizabethtown History: Campus and Community.” Currently, this is the third time I have taken the course. This SCARP project will demonstrate how I have worked with Marietta Borough to cultivate a viable working relationships among local government and business leaders, residents, community based organizations, and regional agencies enacting a plan benefiting the community and economic development future of Marietta Borough.


Scholarship, Creative Arts, and Research Project (SCARP)



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