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Rose Beiler explores the connections between seventeenth-century European Anabaptists in Switzerland and the Netherlands and many places in between. She explains why those connections arose, how participants communicated across cultural, linguistic and political borders, and how their relationships shaped migration opportunities and flows. The networks and processes of mobility that began in the seventeenth century extended across generations and expanded well beyond the Rhine Valley by the eighteenth century. Beiler has published Immigrant and Entrepreneur: The Atlantic World of Caspar Wistar, 1650-1750 (Penn State University Press, 2008) and essays that look at the intersections of religion and migration within Europe and to the British North American colonies. She is currently working on a book titled Communication Networks and the Dynamics of Migration, 1630-1730 and a companion digital project, PRINT—People, Religion, Information Networks, and Travel . (87 kB)