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Student Research Paper


Fall 2022

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Dr. Diane Bridge


Ferroptosis is a form of regulated cell death distinct from apoptosis. It occurs in diverse animals and in plants, but has not been documented in Hydra vulgaris, a cnidarian species used for studies of stem cell biology and regeneration. Treatment with the ferroptosis-inducing chemicals diethyl maleate and Erastin caused cell death, suggesting that ferroptosis can be induced in H. vulgaris. The phenotypes are unlike those of apoptosis in H. vulgaris, and each inducer resulted in a different phenotypic response. Combining the ferroptosis inducers with ferroptosis inhibitors (Liproxstatin-1, Ferrostatin-1, and Β-mercaptoethanol) was expected to decrease cell death, however this was not observed. This research begins to characterize ferroptosis in Hydra vulgaris using ferroptosis-inducing and ferroptosis-blocking compounds.


Honors Senior Thesis

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Biology Commons