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Student Research Paper


Dr. Elizabeth Coyle

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Spring 2020




Research suggests that teaching social-emotional competencies through peace education, along with academic material, can create positive attitudes and behaviors in students and foster a positive school climate. Further, through curricula that employ peace education practices, students obtain skills, knowledge, and attitudes that prepare them for college, career, and civic duty. The focus of this project is the development of a fourth-grade curriculum that integrates social studies and social-emotional skill building, while aligning to the district’s English Language Arts standards. Lessons and project-based materials are utilized to instruct students throughout the curriculum by immersing them in an authentic and engaging learning environment with the goal of increasing students’ social emotional skills and peace education competencies. The curriculum’s effectiveness will be measured through formative and summative assessment and student completion of pre- and post-surveys that measure student gains in social awareness, responsible decision making, and environmental stewardship in the context of the content covered and within their own lives.


MCI 590 Graduate Research Seminar, Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction in Peace Education

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