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Student Research Paper


Spring 2022

Academic Department


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Dr. Michael Roy


Adaptation factors such as experience, personality and social support may be predictive in professors’ self-perceived adaptability scores to online teaching. Data from forty-four Elizabethtown College professors and forty-six Lebanon Valley College professors, collected using an online forum, was analyzed in a correlational analysis, regression analysis and t-tests. When combining the results from Elizabethtown College professors and Lebanon Valley College professors, significant relationships were detected between self-perceived adaptability scores and three personality types (proactive, extroversion, agreeableness) and workplace support. The regression analyses showed workplace and school to be predictive of self-perceived adaptability scores to online teaching. These findings represent the importance of inspiring and promoting certain personalities and workplace support to decrease the negative impact that uncertain situations can elicit.


Honors Senior Thesis; Honors in the Discipline

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Psychology Commons