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Student Research Paper


Summer 2022

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Dr. Jane Cavender


SV40 T-ag is capable of transforming rodent cells in culture and inducing tumor formation in animal models through interactions with cellular proteins. The TEAD-1/TEF-1 transcription factor, discovered complexed with T-ag, activates early viral gene expression and is essential for the YAP/TAZ proliferation and anti-apoptosis pathway. Studies in rat cells showed expression of T-ag induced an alternatively spliced isoform of TEAD1; thus, this study investigated if this isoform existed in human cells and what role it may play in transformation. Using T-ag-transformed HDFs, TEAD1 was assessed by RT-PCR and immunoblot. Preliminary RT-PCR data showed 2 of 3 primer sets exhibited a banding pattern shorter than predicted. Of the several expected isoforms, only the 37 kDa was detected by immunoblotting in all cell lines. Co-immunoprecipitation studies are underway to determine if the 37 kDa isoform is complexed with T-ag, and additional PCR primer sets will determine if C-terminal splice variants exist.


Scholarship, Creative Arts, and Research Project (SCARP)

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Biology Commons



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